Moon Circle: Persephone (Aug 2018)

For those taking the Moon Circle class in person, or wanting to follow along from home, here are this month’s links.


Homework is “pick your level.”  You are not expected to do all of these things.  These are ideas to help you decided what YOU want to study more.

For final projects, will you create a peg doll of a personal deity or one you studied this term.

 This month we study “Persephone” and “Finding Balance.”

Reflect on these questions:

  1. When have you felt vulnerable or that  your life was not in your control?
  2. Do you feel that outside forces or destiny rule  your life? Or do you have free will to chose?


  3. We are seeking balance in our lives. What does that seeking mean?  Is balance static or dynamic? What are we really looking for when we say we long for balance?


  4. Persephone went from shy girl attached to her mother to a full woman standing in her power. Do you feel you are a “woman/man standing in your power”?  A person full of confidence and desire, knowing what you want out of life? Where can you improve this in your life?


  5. Have you ever had to walk away from something good but safe in your life because there was a hope for something even better?


  6. Becoming the new Queen of the Underworld meant that Persephone had to leave her childish ways and accept adulthood. Have you ever had to “grow up” quicker than you would have liked? Has change ever forced you to accept things about yourself that you might not like?


  7. What is something from childhood that you would like to bring back or return to in your adulthood?

Small Read your two other deity sheets.

Medium: All the above PLUS

  • Try one charm from either deity sheet.
Large: All the above PLUS

DIY Mix and match your own combo from above and/or select another working that interests you related to this month’s theme/tradition.




Music From Ritual

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