Mystic Grove loves to socialize!  Restaurants, movies, field trips, open mic performances, and more! Check our Google calendar or our Facebook events page to see what fellowship opportunities are coming up.  Here’s a sampling…

1st Sunday Lunch

After the 1st Sunday meeting, those who want to have lunch votes on a nearby restaurant to enjoy continued fellowship.  Usually within 2 miles of First Unitarian Church of Orlando.

Annual Classroom Clean Up & Member German Dinner

A favorite annual event — we figured out a long time ago that we’re a lot more excited about cleaning out our classroom if there’s a trip to Willow Tree for German dinner at the end of it!

Birthday Coffee Hour in November

Sometimes we host the coffee hour after the Sunday service for fun, other times we do it because it’s our group’s “birthday” month!

Craft Circle

3rd Fridays is “teaching craft circle” where students can watch a demo, have a tasting, or create a craft project.  Check the current listing to see what’s coming up!



From time to time we do a run of movies so we can watch and discuss.  Currently on break until Summer 2019 but you can check past titles here.

Field Trips

From time to time we take field trips together.  The most recent ones were visiting the “Fairy Doors” exhibit at Lou Gardens and a trip to the Guang Ming Buddhist temple to learn about the faith neighbors.  We’re planning a Casadaga weekend in Spring 2019.

Virtual Bonfire Party

We gather online around the “virtual bonfire” to share songs, stories, poems, and more!