Brief History and Purpose



“The Mystic Grove” is the Pagan faith affinity group affiliated with the First Unitarian Church of Orlando.

Some of our founding members helped put on the first 1U Annual Yule Spiral Dance on Dec 21, 1994.  (We celebrated the Spiral Dance’s 25th Anniversary in 2019!)

Then we organized more formally in November 2001 for the purpose of creating a Pagan community within the framework of Unitarian Universalism at the suggestion of Rev. Marni Harmony. Our 11-28-2021 “Origin Stories” worship celebrating our 20th anniversary explores how our various origin stories weave together.

In June 2016, Mystic Grove became a chapter member of the  Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS).

While we provide free public rituals we are not a “pagan church.”  As an affinity group, we are more akin to a “pagan study group at a UU church.”

In Nov 2020,  we celebrate 19 years of service to First Unitarian and the Greater Orlando Pagan community!  Visitors are welcome.  You can always contact us for more info or visit the church.


Our mission is to be  UU Pagan faith affinity group  (study group) that…

  1. Provides a safe, welcoming place for UUs and Pagans to gather where people of differing age groups and ability levels are free to participate.
  2. Supports UUs and Pagans in their spiritual growth  and encourage personal responsibility through educational opportunities and sharing the collective wisdom of past and present.
  3. Provides information and opportunities for Pagan and Unitarian Universalist networking to help promote understanding between people with different belief systems.
  4. Provides  meaningful, engaging, and vibrant Pagan or Earth Centered worship.
  5. Provides fellowship opportunities for people to socialize, laugh, and celebrate with our own brand of UU Pagan flair!


The Mystic Grove is made up of Pagans from different paths as well as those people best defined as “free spirits.” Because of this, we have no official path.

Ritual is led by a volunteer leader each time and they may choose to do it in the style of their path.

Mystic Grove voting members are also Unitarian Universalists (UUs). We regularly attend church activities and worship services at First Unitarian Church of Orlando or other UU Congregation. While one does not need to be a UU in order to be active in the Mystic Grove, many of us like the balance that we find the two faiths provide.

Our members vary in age from the early 20s up to the 70s. We have singles and couples, and a good mix of men and women.  There are members who have been Pagan for years and others who are just learning. Many of us are active with ecological, social and political causes. The one thing that binds us together is our desire to practice a sincere form of religion that embraces all the different positive meanings of the word “UU Pagan.”

Mystic Grove is family friendly. While children are welcome at most of our events, we do not carry insurance or provide childcare.  We expect parents to watch their own children.


Our monthly meeting is on 1st Sundays at 12:00 PM  in the assembly room OR Zoom of the education building at First Unitarian Church of Orlando.  (During COVID 10 pandemic, please email to check current conditions.)

We review the most recent ritual, and plan the next upcoming rituals,. We also organize craft circles, classes, movie nights and more. Please see our Facebook events page and google calendar for more information.

Visitors are always welcome to attend!


Other documents are also posted.