Lunar Rituals



Unlike our Solar celebrations that are Open Circles and and welcome all ages any time as “drop in” attendants, our Lunar celebrations are organized differently.
Moon Circles are usually Closed Circles limited to 10 adults at a time. This allows the Moon Circles to provide a safe space for listening, sharing, and fostering deeper connections.
We will take new students until all ***15*** spots are filled.
Due to COVID-19 and the need for more pagan online opportunities as people shelter in place, the teachers for this class have added 5 more student slots.
This allows the gathering to still be small and intimate, but a few more than the original 10 student slots.
All you need to do to claim one of the remaining spots is email to be invited to the private FB group for this class.
Tuition is normally $5 a class or $30 for the full set of 6 classes. Because of COVID-19 we’ve made extra scholarships available so it can be sliding scale:
  • You can register and pay nothing and attend as a full scholarship student. 
  • If you are willing and able,  you can pay the amount you choose online or by check to help the teachers with supplies for this and future classes.
Payment info will be sent you in your registration email.
Class is held once a month on 4th Fridays at 7 PM online over Zoom.

If you don’t have it already you will need the Zoom Launcher for computers or the Zoom Mobile App for smartphones. You can also use the phone line, but you won’t have video.


Learn to join a Zoom meeting and get the Zoom Launcher at

Click on “join a test meeting” and then on the blue button for “join.” Next click on “download and run Zoom” to get the launcher.

For your smartphone, visit , scroll down to Mobile Apps and select the one that fits your smartphone.
The Jan – June 2020 theme is inspired by UU curriculum “Becoming Women of Wisdom.”


At the first session, each new group makes its covenant agreement for the series — how we agree to be together. This ensures the group agreement reflects the values of that particular grouping, and their time is spent having healthy, meaningful experiences and not arguing over process.  You can find it online here.

The in person group disbands at the the end of the series. A new Moon Circle is formed for the next block.


There is a facebook group for both the “in person” students who want to talk to each other more often than once a month and any “at home” students who want to get a little of the Moon Circle experience from afar.  There is no charge for the FB group, but if you are an at home student, please consider making a small online donation.


The Jan – June 2020  themes is inspired by  “Becoming Women of Wisdom.”

“Imagine entering the labyrinth of your psyche, slowly following its turns in and out as you weave yourself toward the deep center of your essential knowing.  As you make your way forward, you remember the past, integrate its  lessons and shed its excess baggage, until you come to the present moment of  possibility and transformation.”

This block  is open to all adults.   Each session will reflect on a different decade of life either as past memories or what you look forward to in that decade.  The optional final project is  your “decade story” either as a collage, collage with words, or plain text.


In Person Student: Registration is open.  Email to sign up. Tuition for the series is $30 to buy the snacks and art supplies. Optional extra $5-$10 toward the scholarship fund.  Please have tuition in cash or check at the first class.

There are two half scholarships available as “first come, first serve.” Please email if you want one of them.

Registration closes when all 10 spots are filled or by 3rd class.


Remembering Our Childhoods

Jan 24, 2020 Class Orientation + Entering the Labyrinth
Feb 28, 2020 Preparing the Descent
Mar 27, 2020 Remembering Our Childhoods
Apr 24, 2020 Remembering Our Teen Years
May 22, 2020 Remembering Our Twenties
Jun 26, 2020 Remembering Our Thirties + Celebration
Jul 1, 2020 Registration for Fall Term opens

For more information,  email