We orient our activities against this general “flow” during the summer.  Other events slotted in as applicable. Most recent updates are at our Facebook Event page followed by our Google Calendar on this page.

DUE TO COVID 19 pandemic, we have switched to online programs while the 1U campus is closed. 

Solar celebrations are “drop in” friendly and all open to all ages. All pagan paths welcome. Usually on the closest Saturday to the date. 7 PM start with 8 PM virtual potluck to follow.    

Mystic Grove Midsummer Service 2020 is posted online here. 

The CUUPs National Midsummer Service for General Assembly is posted online here.  We appear in the chapter highlight real and portions of the 1U labyrinth and sanctuary art are also featured. 

Lunar celebrations are Closed Circle.  We are currently studying “Becoming Women of Wisdom” which is adapated for all adults of all ages.   We gather online on 4th Fridays.  

Other classes and special events are inserted where applicable. Guest teachers welcome.  Email if you wish to present a craft circle or class.




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