Moon Circle: Erzulie (July 2018)

For those taking the Moon Circle class in person, or wanting to follow along from home, here are this month’s links.


Homework is “pick your level.”  You are not expected to do all of these things.  These are ideas to help you decided what YOU want to study more.

For final projects, will you create a peg doll of a personal deity or one you studied this term.  More info about this in August.

Starting a New Block

 This month we study “Erzulie Freda: Loving Yourself and Others.”

Reflect on these questions:

Erzulie Freda is the lwa of love, beauty, and passion. How do these things currently play out in your life? What do you love? What is beautiful to you? What are you passionate about?

How have love, compassion, and empathy, or their lack, impacted your life? What about SELF love? SELF compassion? SELF empathy?

What have you found or seen to be blocks to love, compassion, and empathy?

  • What is “love” like for you…
  • in romance?
  • with  family and friends?
  • with pets or nature?
  • in general society?
  • with your Divine?

Does love come easy or hard in these cases?

How do you express self love and self care right now? What fine things in life do you make space for? Does this come easy or hard?

Small Read your two other deity sheets.

Medium: All the above PLUS

  • Try one charm from either deity sheet.
Large: All the above PLUS

DIY Mix and match your own combo from above and/or select another working that interests you related to this month’s theme/tradition.


Music from Ritual

Other Video


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