Solar Rituals


The Mystic Grove is made up of Pagans from different paths as well as those people best defined as “free spirits.” Because of this, we have no single official path.


Rituals observing the changes of the Sun through the seasons are led by a volunteer leader each time. The leader chooses to do it in the style of their Path.

Our Solar celebrations are Open Circle. That means anyone is welcome to attend this family friendly ritual — it’s a “drop in” event!

You can find our upcoming solar rituals listed on our Facebook events page. 

Mystic Grove Midsummer Service 2020 is posted online here. 

The CUUPs National Midsummer Service for General Assembly is posted online here.  We appear in the chapter highlight real and portions of the 1U labyrinth and sanctuary art are also featured. 


Unlike our Solar celebrations, our Lunar celebrations are organized differently and require registration. Moon Circles are Closed Circles limited to 10-15 adults at a time. Childcare is not provided.

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