September News

celestial flagThanks to those who came out for for the Sept 3, 2017 monthly meeting!  Highlights?


New Officers

We welcome our brand new new historian and welcome back the officers who are reprising the roles in 2017-2018!

New Membership & “Steering Committee”

The annual Aug – Sept membership month  is over.  New roster will be distributed soon to members on file.  We have 12 voting members and 2 regular volunteer members this year on the “steering committee.”

While Mystic Grove events are all open to the general public, this core group of volunteers are the ones who choose to do the “heavy lifting” and represent the greatest level of commitment and participation. They all sign up to serve for one year doing this programming work so Mystic Grove can offer a variety of of programs to the general public.

Anyone is free to participate in Mystic Grove at the level they feel best and new members are accepted year round. You can best keep up with us and our events on Facebook.

Annual Member Dinner in October

Most years we end the summer and welcome fall by cleaning up our classroom in late August and then celebrating with the annual member dinner.  This year with the church remodel, there was nothing to clean up!

We’re still going to have our annual celebration dinner at the Willow Tree Cafe though. Watch for the Doodle link to go out so we can set a field trip date in October.

Annual Water Service  & “Sneak Peek” Tours — CANCELED DUE TO HURRICANE IRMA

Sept 11, 2017  is the Annual Water Service at 11 AM.  It marks the last service of the summer schedule before First Unitarian goes back to the usual 9 AM and 11 AM fall worship schedule.  After the service, there will be “sneak preview” tours of Gore Hall!

Main remodeling is over and we are down to the “punch lists” on both the fellowship hall and the education building.  These last touches will be completed and the Open House will be held on Oct 7, 2017 for the community at large to check out our new spaces.   If you have never attended a Unitarian Universalist service, this is a good one to visit on!

New Classes Posted

Our Fall and Spring Term offerings are now posted!

Registration for Tarot 2: Minor Arcana is OPEN!  Please email to register.

Registration will open in Mid September for Requiem Class if you need help getting your personal affairs in order and for Circle of Song if you would like to learn to sing in a family friendly environment.


Here’s what is coming up this month.

 Sept 10, 2017

11 AM in Sanctuary

 Worship & Sneak Peek Tours  Annual Water Communion Service and “sneak peek” tours of Gore Hall afterward
Sept 15, 2017

7 – 9 PM in Assembly Room

 Craft  Teaching Craft Circle: Monster Bookmarks
Sept 23, 2017
Education Courtyard
Worship Mabon Ritual
Register NOW. Education Tarot 2: Minor Arcana registration is now open!
Mid September Registration Education Requiem Class starts Oct 13th. Save the dates!
Mid September Registration Education Circle of Song Class starts Oct 14th. Save the dates!
Sept 30, 2017

11 AM – 5 PM
Westmonte Civic Center

Special Event Mystic Grove goes to…
Orlando Pagan Pride 2017! 
Oct 6, 2017

7 – 9 PM in Assembly Room

Craft BYO Craft Circle


The next 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting is October 8, 2017 at 12:30 PM. This is a great way to get to know us and how we work. Guests welcome to attend. Due to remodel work, exact room is TBA. Look for the door signs in the education building or the celestial lawn flag!

Here we discuss how the past ritual went, plan for next ritual, classes, craft circles, and more. Lunch at a nearby restaurant follows for those wanting to enjoy fellowship after the meeting.

Questions or more info?  Please email us at

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