Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs

egypt class

When learning to read and write Egyptian hieroglyphs, where does one start? Like any language, it’s critical to begin at the most fundamental level: the alphabet.
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs is a primer on the ins and outs of the ancient Egyptian language. By approaching the topic in a straightforward manner, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly translating these curious symbols becomes second nature. You will…

  • Build an Egyptian vocabulary.
  • Write Egyptian sentences
  • Count Egyptian numbers

Come join us for this 8 session DVD film course!


Thursdays 7 PM – 9 PM starting Jan 4, 2018 at

Room 1
First Unitarian Church of Orlando
1901 E. Robinson St
Orlando FL 32803


This class is FREE and is considered “Drop-in” friendly – come for all or just your favorites in this 8 week series! Donations welcome to help support our work.

Full description at

You can register starting Dec 1, 2017 to be put in the email reminder list and to help us plan for classroom space needs.


Jan 4, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 1

  • Why Egypt Needed Hieroglyphs
  • The Ancient Egyptian Alphabet
  • How Language Becomes Lost
Jan 11, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 2

  • Napoleon in Egypt
  • Early Attempts to Decipher the Rosetta Stone
  • Willian Bankes and the Keys to Decipherment
Jan 18, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 3

  • Jean-Francois Champollion Cracks the Code
  • Suffix Pronouns and the Hieroglyphs of Ptah
  • The Immortal Scribe
Jan 25, 2018 and Feb 1, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 4

  • Hieroglyphs and the Bible
  • Dependent Pronouns and the Passive Voice
  • Past Tense and Adjectives
Feb 8, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 5

  • New Ideograms Related to the Gods
  • Names of the Pharaohs
  • Ancient Egyptian Numbers
Feb 15, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 6

  • The Egyptian Calendar
  • Names of the Gods
  • Negation in Ancient Egyptian Sentences
Mar 1, 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 7

  • Reading Hieroglyphic Jewelry
  • Palimpsests: When Scribes Make Mistakes
  • An Ancient Egyptian Prayer for the Dead
Mar 8 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Class 8

  • Translating the Tomb of Perneb
  • Translating Tutankhamen’s Tomb
  • King Tut’s Magic Mirror and Sarcohphagus

Email for more info or to be put on  the reminder list for this class.

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