October News

MG at Pagan Pride 2017 300 wideThanks to those who came out for for the  October 1, 2017 monthly meeting!  Highlights?


We had a great time meeting a lot of you at Pagan Pride on September 30, 2017.  We hope you enjoyed the event also!

Annual Member Dinner in October

The date has been chosen! The annual member dinner will be at the Willow Tree on October 21st.  Please RSVP on the member Yahoo! list.

Are you interested in learning about the pathway to membership? 

Gore Hall OPEN! Open House is Nov 11th.

While the “official” Open House and unveiling is not until Nov 11th,  this past saturday church volunteers helped move all the furniture stored in the pods into Gore Hall.  So much work got done that the the first “coffee hour” after the service was able to happen the following day in the bright new space. First Unitarian church members and guests were able to enjoy coffee and snacks while exploring all the new rooms!

Fall Term Classes Begin

Our Fall and Spring Term offerings are now posted!

Tarot 2: Minor Arcana begins this week on Oct 5th.  If you aren’t sure if this is the class level for you? You can come attend the first class to find out.

Requiem Class on 2nd Fridays might be the class for you if you need help getting your personal affairs in order. It starts Oct 13th.

Circle of Song is a new “drop in” friendly class on 2nd Saturdays from 1 PM – 3 PM if you would like to learn to sing in a family friendly environment.  This is “easy choir” for the non-singers and experienced singers wanting to play!  Childcare is provided on the coop model.  If you are bringing a child or grandchild, please RSVP over email with your name and ages of children so we can have enough supplies in the Kid’s Club.

3rd Sunday Movie Nite

Our 3rd Sunday movie nite will come back in the Spring Term now that we are settling into the newly remodeled spaces.  We are taking suggestions for the Spring Term movie list.  If you have ideas? Email us! 


Here’s what is coming up this month. If you like it “fridge style printable” you can grab it off the calendar page.

Oct 5
7 PM – 9 PM
Room 1
Thursday Class Tarot 2: Principles of Interpretation (Class 1)
Oct 6
7 PM – 9 PM
Assembly Room
Craft Circle & Fellowship  1st Friday BYO Craft Circle
Oct 12
7 PM – 9 PM
Assembly Room
 Thursday Class

Tarot 2: Major and Minor Arcana Cards
(Class 2)

Oct 13
7 PM – 9 PM
 2nd Friday Class Requiem Class 1
Oct 14
1 PM – 3 PM
Assembly Room
2nd Saturday
Family Friendly
Circle of Song. 
Oct 19
7 PM – 9 PM
Room 1
Thursday Class  Tarot 2: Aces (Class 3)
Oct 20
7 PM – 9 PM
Assembly Room
Craft Circle & Fellowship

3rd Friday Teaching Craft Circle: Simple Pagan Prayer Beads

Oct 26
7 PM – 9 PM
Room 1
Thursday Class

Tarot 2: Court Cards (Class 4)

Nov 2
7 PM – 9 PM
Room 1
Thursday Class
Nov 3
7 PM – 9 PM
Craft Circle

1st Friday BYO Craft Circle  + Possible Samhain Ritual Decorating


Samhain approaches.  We will be celebrating on Nov 4, 2017 at 7 PM with a potluck to follow.  The theme is “Many Faces of the Goddess. ” Join Mystic Grove as we honor “The Many Faces of the Goddess,” honor our ancestors, and walk the new labyrinth for the first time in ritual!

Come as you are or dressed in colors of the season: (grey, black, white, blues). “Pagan formal” is encouraged. This is your chance to break out the fancy clothes!
Please bring a photo of your ancestor(s) for the community altar if you would like.
Ritual begins at 7 PM. Potluck to follow at 8 PM. As a kindness to others, please be sure your dish is labeled with name of dish, name of cook, and any allergenic ingredients.

(If you forget a label, find the star basket on the table with Sharpies and blank index cards and make one.)

You may bring photos of your ancestors for the community altar.

This is our second largest ritual of the year! There are volunteer opportunities for this event — help decorate, put out chairs, be a greeter, call a corner,  help clean up etc.  Please email if you are interested.


The next 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting is Nov 5, 2017 at 12:30 PM in Room 1. This is a great way to get to know us and how we work. Guests welcome to attend.

Here we discuss how the past ritual went, plan for next ritual, classes, craft circles, and more. Lunch at a nearby restaurant follows for those wanting to enjoy fellowship after the meeting.

Questions or more info?  Please email us at mysticgrove@orlandouu.org

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