Moon Circle: Amaterasu (Dec 2018)

For those taking the Moon Circle class in person, or wanting to follow along from home, here are this month’s links.


Homework is “pick your level.”  You are not expected to do all of these things.  These are ideas to help you decided what YOU want to study more.

For final projects, will you create a peg doll of a personal deity or one you studied this term.

 This month we study “Amaterasu: Illumination”

Reflect on these questions:

  1. When Amaterasu hid in the cave, all sunlight was gone and the world was dark. In winter, the distractions of leaves on the trees, grass growing, and flowers blooming are removed.  The starkness of winter offers a certain clarity.  Do you find it is a time for reflection and reassessing your life? (Resolutions?)
  2. Do you seek warmth and light spiritually as well as physically at this time of year? Is being with others more necessary?

  3. Are you able to grasp the promise of spring, buried deep in the cold ground, or is it too far removed right now?

  4. When people talk about the soul, or the spirit, it is often with a sense of something which is both mysterious and elusive.  Most of us prefer something fairly straightforward. When do you feel most in touch with yourself spiritually?

  5. What makes something spiritual? Do you have to do something or be a special way to be spiritual? 

  6. What is your “sacred?”   Describe an experience, a moment, a place, or a person that you have recognized as holding the quality of the sacred.

  7. When you come out of your “winter hibernation” or “winter cave” — what things are you looking forward to?

Small Read your two other deity sheets.

Medium: All the above PLUS

  • Try one charm from either deity sheet.
Large: All the above PLUS

DIY Mix and match your own combo from above and/or select another working that interests you related to this month’s theme/tradition.




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