December 2018 News


Thanks to those who attended the Dec 2, 2018 monthly meeting!

Here are the Mystic Grove Dec 2018 Meeting Minutes if you missed it.  In our efforts to increase transparency, help Mystic Grove friends and fans keep up, and assist forming CUUPS chapters and other groups, we’re making it a goal to make more of our documents “public access” as we continue to revise our website.

The next meeting is Jan 6, 2019 at NOON in Room 1. Guests welcome!



This month’s photo is from Mary M. in the 1U labyrinth. “I am walking the labyrinth before church ein December again this year. Copper ball walked with me this morning.” 

Many of us like labyrinth walking as moving meditation. It is open to the public during daylight hours.  Feel free grab the directions to the church and come try it out over your holidays!


Our Yule ritual is a two part event. Come for it all or just the bits you like best.

Dec 21

7 PM – 9 PM

Winter Solstice Evening Service

7 PM service in the sanctuary led by Mystic Grove.

8 PM Punch and cookies ending with the lighting of the Yule log.

Dec 21-22

9 PM – 7 AM

Annual Yule Bonfire Vigil

We keep watch over the longest night of the year and do our part to ensure the sun rises. Games, music, carols and more!

Yule Schedule 2018.pngThe schedule PDF is posted here.  We’ll have a limited number of print books for the Bardic Circles for those without smartphones and other devices.  Remember to bring yours to access the lyrics digitally. We like saving paper!

There will be board games, singing, stories, and more. Feel free to bring a lawn chair, sleeping bag or tent if you plan to take a nap on the green.


Yule is our biggest ritual of the year. This year we’ve decided to reprise “The Story of the Celts” for Words for All Ages. We are seeking people willing to do a small reading/skit role.

  • Maiden (found)
  • Youth (found)
  • Mother (found)
  • Father (found)
  • Crone (Found)
  • Sage

We also welcome drummers for the spiral dance in the service,  food clean up helpers,  people wanting to share music and stories around the bonfire, and general volunteers throughout both parts of the winter solstice events.

If interested, please email,


Here is  what’s happening up to the next meeting.  Come on down and join us any time.  Facebook RSVPs help us plan for supplies, so please check in if you can.

Dec 14

7 PM – 9 PM+

Join the “pop up” Pagan Choir and perform at Black Cat Cafe Open Mic on Dec 14th! We meet in Classroom B in Gore Hall for a quick run through at 7 PM and perform around 9 PM. Hang out til the end to enjoy the rest of the acts!  Learn the lyrics at home online. 
Dec 20

7 PM – 9 PM

R & D: Ritual Book (3rd Thursdays)

Mystic Grove prepares rituals for hopeful publication for our 20th anniversary. This session is working on the templates. 

Dec 21

7 PM – 9 PM

Winter Solstice Evening Service

7 PM service in the sanctuary led by Mystic Grove.

8 PM Punch and cookies ending with the 8:45 Cup Game and 9 PM lighting of the Yule log.

Dec 21

9 PM – 7 AM

We keep watch over the longest night of the year and do our part to ensure the sun rises. Games, music, carols and more!

Dec 28 Moon Circle Session 12. Last class in the “Goddess & Other Dieties” series!
New block Jan – June 2019 themed around Chakras.  Registration opens with Jan 2019 News.
Jan 4 R&D: Wheel of the Year

Mystic Grove and friends help test projects a new “wheel of the year” curriculum Mystic Grove is writing for the MS/HS/Adult level for publication at UUCards.  Pop by on 1st Fridays.

Jan 6 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting

dec 2018 yule gift.jpg


Mystic Grove is the adult UU Pagan affinity group and Covenant of Unitarian Universalist chapter at First Unitarian (1U). We provide worship, classes, and social opportunities for MG members, the 1U congregation, and the general public. Our events are often free or low cost.  We also provide scholarships to our tuition classes.

Affinity groups, while affiliated with the church, are not church program committees and do not get church program funding.  What we offer is paid for by MG members and its fans.

Like what we do online and in person? Want send us a Yule gift to help with funding next year’s projects? You can use the 1U donation page and put “Mystic Grove” in the memo line.  You can also donate to 1U itself.  We are very blessed to have a church that welcomes religious pluralism and allows us use of the campus. We couldn’t do what we do without 1U’s benevolence. Not all pagan groups get that kind of support. Please consider giving generously to our home church this Yuletide season!

Visit and click the “donate” button in the upper right corner.

You can learn more about UU and Pagan beliefs at the UUA’s “Pagans and Other Unitarian Universalists Inspired by Nature.” 


Questions or more info?  Please email us at

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