November 2018 Meeting


Thanks to those who attended the Nov 4, 2018 monthly meeting!

Here are the Mystic Grove Nov Meeting Minutes if you missed it.  In our efforts to increase transparency, help Mystic Grove friends and fans keep up, and assist forming CUUPS chapters and other groups, we’re making it a goal to make more of our documents “public access.”

The next meeting is Dec 2 at NOON in Room 1. Guests welcome!


1u sunflowers

This month’s photo is from the 1U garden. Many of us like to garden as part of our spiritual practice.  On campus, you can visit our newest version of the garden near the education building or click here to learn about its story. 


The community garden is open for all to enjoy. When you visit, be mindful of the following:

  • Please visit our garden during daylight hours.
  • Our church is the home for many meetings and events; please maintain a respectful noise level.
  • The individual raised beds are privately used; please do not take anything from them without the owner’s permission.
  • You are welcome to harvest enough for your own needs, and please leave plenty for others. If you would like a larger harvest (for example, to share with a non-profit or for a community event), please talk with one of the core garden members.
  • While most of our plants are edible, some are inedible pollinators. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot eat, please see our plant guideline below and ask a core garden member.

If you want to share what lights your  spirit up email your photo to and tell us about it!


Our Yule ritual is a two part event. Come for it all or just the bits you like best.

Dec 21

7 PM – 9 PM

Winter Solstice Evening Service

7 PM service in the sanctuary led by Mystic Grove.

8 PM Punch and cookies ending with the lighting of the Yule log.

Dec 21-22

9 PM – 7 AM

Annual Yule Bonfire Vigil

We keep watch over the longest night of the year and do our part to ensure the sun rises. Games, music, carols and more!


Yule is our biggest ritual of the year. This year we’ve decided to reprise “The Story of the Celts” for Words for All Ages. We are seeking people willing to do a small reading/skit role.

  • Maiden (found)
  • Youth
  • Mother (found)
  • Father
  • Crone
  • Sage

We also welcome drummers for the spiral dance in the service,  food helpers,  people wanting to share music and stories around the bonfire, and general volunteers throughout both parts of the winter solstice events.

If interested, please email


Here is  what’s happening up to the next meeting.  Come on down and join us any time.  Facebook RSVPs help us plan for supplies, so please check in if you can.

Nov 10 MG Officers Meeting by Email We work on updating bylaws.
Nov 11

11:45 ish to 12:45 is after the service in Gore Hall

Mystic Grove’s 17th Bday Coffee Hour 

1U BOT Deep Conversation: Participation and Growth

The 1U Board invites you to the second in our series of Deep Conversations, the topic will be Participation and Growth, based on your input from our first conversation on Sept 9th. We look forward to seeing you in Gore Hall, child care will be provided*.

Nov 11, 1 PM MG and Friends Yule Pagan Choir

After the 1U BOT meeting, we stay behind to do the first practice in room 1.

Nov 15
R&D: Ritual Book (3rd Thursdays)  Mystic Grove prepares rituals for publication for our 20th anniversary.
Nov 16 Teaching Craft Circle: Acrylic Fluid Painting
Nov 18 MG and Friends Yule Pagan Choir
Nov 25 MG Field Trip: Guang Ming Temple Tour


 Nov 30 Moon Circle Session 11 Class is closed for new registrations, but you can follow along online and/or join the FB group.
Dec 2 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting


Thank you for your support in both sharing gently used books and coming to buy them for a love offering to benefit the MG Scholarship Fund!  We will continue to accept books, tarot decks, and similar small items this year at any monthly meeting or ritual. You can also pop by during office hours during the week and leave book donations at the 1U front office.


Questions or more info?  Please email us at

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