Moon Circle: Maman Bridgette (Oct 2018)

For those taking the Moon Circle class in person, or wanting to follow along from home, here are this month’s links.


Homework is “pick your level.”  You are not expected to do all of these things.  These are ideas to help you decided what YOU want to study more.

For final projects, will you create a peg doll of a personal deity or one you studied this term.

Starting a New Block

 This month we study “Maman Bridgette: Honoring our Bones/Death”

Reflect on these questions:

What words do you use for death?  Why?

Have you ever heard doctors or other professionals avoid saying death/dead/die/dying? What impression did that make on you?

What can you remember of your first experience of death? Share the experience with us.

If you are willing to think about your own death, what comes to mind? Do you have your papers organized in the vent of your death?

What would you like to be remembered for?

What do you believe happens after we die? What were you taught as a child? Have your beliefs changed? What have you taught your own children about death?

Does your family have any particular rituals or practices when someone dies?

Small Read your two other deity sheets.

Medium: All the above PLUS

  • Try one charm from either deity sheet.
Large: All the above PLUS

DIY Mix and match your own combo from above and/or select another working that interests you related to this month’s theme/tradition.



Other Video

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