Welcome to 2018-2019 Church Year!

Thank to all those who came out to this month’s meeting. We set some records today!

  • Took the second ever photo with the group’s ribbon staff.
  • Got almost all member dues turned in and forms done in a single day.
  • Decided our new t-shirt color and got the t-shirt order ready.
  • Held a mini ritual in the campus labyrinth to celebrate outgoing and incoming leaders, honor new and renewing members, and bless the campus.

Then most of us kept right on partying and went on to a cookout/pool party rather than a typical restaurant lunch. Whew!

Mystic Grove 2018-2019 is now open and looking forward to a great new church year together! (Minutes summary will be posted within a week.)

August 2018 Meeting and Mini Ritual.png

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