MG Officers Deep Chair

July 21, 2018 the  MG Officers met from 11 AM – 1:30 PM for  a SUPER productive “deep chair” meeting getting the lay of the land, sneak peeks at the group T-shirt, sneak peeks at new technology, and doing the Officer Dream Board as we get ready to plan the September Mabon Retreat 2018.

This is something we’ve started doing every 5 years or so to assess group health, make sure we are following Mystic Grove’s mission, First Unitarian’s Mission, and dream big ideas. This time around it includes planning for our 20th Anniversary in 2021!

Noodles Restaurant July 2018

But Officers get hungry so we went to “Mystic Noodle.” Not all of us have been there yet but it is quickly becoming a fav of the group because of the price, the variety, the vegetarian and GF options. Two of us tried the new Zoodle option with the spiralized zucchini.  Check out Noodles World Kitchen in the neighborhood if you get the chance around Fashion Square Mall.


Next up is Moon Circle. “In Person” registration for 4th Friday class is full.

We are taking “distance learners” who want to get “Moon Circle Lite” over Facebook group. You can start joining the group now. Files will be digital handouts and will appear on 4th Saturdays.

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