March 2019 News


Thanks to those who attended the monthly meeting on Sunday, Mar 3rd! Here are the March Minutes if you missed it.

In our efforts to increase transparency, help Mystic Grove friends and fans keep up, and assist forming CUUPS chapters and other groups, we’re making it a goal to make more of our documents “public access” as we continue to revise our website.

The next meeting is April 7, 2019 at Noon in Room 1. Guests welcome to observe and learn how we work.


spring equinox - amanda clark.png

“Spring Equinox” by Amanda Clark.   Ms. Clark is an artist in the United Kingdom.  Here’s her Spring post. 


Our next ritual is Ostara on March 9th.  Cost is FREE.  $5 love offering welcome to help replenish worship supplies.

  • 6:15 PM — “Meet and Greet” in Classroom B with Chip and Toni.  Come learn about Unitarian Universalist Pagans, First Unitarian Church, and the Mystic Grove at this friendly Q&A.
  • 7 PM — Ritual in the Main Hall by Barbara.
  • 8 PM — Potluck.
  • 9 PM — Clean up.  Out by 9:30 PM.

The book store table will be available in the Foyer from 6-7 and again 7-9.  Proceeds benefit the Mystic Grove scholarship line to benefit students who wish to take our classes but need a little help.  If you have books, decks, movies and other “book size” small items to donate, bring them to any ritual.


Moon Circle class continues on Mar 29 with “Solar Plexus” Chakra in class. Lunar ritual will explore the Germanic tradition.  Matching Facebook study group:  Free. 

$5 love donation welcome from “drop in” students to support scholarships and our educational programs.


Mar 1: R&D Holidays and Holy Days

A productive session! We brainstormed a new 4 panel brochure to make a “minister cheat sheet” of some common pagan paths and symbols for our own use and to assist CUUPS in their work. Want to help? Join us next session on April 5. 



Mar 17: Book Group: Pagan Voices

This 6 session book group meets on 3rd Sundays in Room 1 after coffee hour and read the selection of the month out loud and discuss.

This month’s session is hosted by Dev Inderjeet. We look at “Paths and Patterns” by Misty Sheehan and “Touched by a Goddess” by Om Prakash.

While you don’t need a book to drop-in and check it out, your experience will be enriched if you do get your own text.  You can order it online from the UUA Bookstore or from Amazon.    You can also learn how the book came to be here. 

Mar 21: R&D Ritual Book

We continue to format past rituals and also work on captioning photos for the anniversary photo book. You are welcome to bring old memories, photos, and helping hands. 


Mar 15: Teaching craft Circle this month takes a “spring kitchen” theme! Come learn different ways to fold grocery store bags and how to make a grocery bag holder.  We will also be decorating dish towels. 1 for you and 1 to give to the church kitchen.

Plan ahead April 14:  Mystic Grove Hosts Spring Coffee Hour.  After the service, we’re teaching the congregation how to dance around the may pole, working on an intergenerational collaborative tree painting, and having an open meeting for programming suggestions.  What do you want Mystic Grove to have more of? Less of? For classes?  Do you want info on how to help teach, lead ritual, and participate more deeply? Come enjoy nibbles and help shape our programs for Fall 2019!


Mystic Grove welcomes helpers!

  • University UU Newsletter Reporter.  Email skills required.  Using a template, you craft the blurb for our sister church’s newsletter about our upcoming activities.  (20 min once a month from now until June 1 to cover the Spring Term.)
  • Brochure Delivery.  Your own transportation required.  Pick up brochures/fliers and deliver to various locations in town.  1-3 times a semester, can be done one Saturday afternoon or spread out.
  • Ostara Ritual — People to call corners and serve cake and ale.  As always, “on the day” helpers who wish to help put out the chair and clean up dishes always welcome!
  • Gore Hall Kitchen Pantry.  We’re doing a kitchen clean up to help our friends on the Coffee Hour committee.  Email if interested.
  • Craft Supplies — seeking paper for April and May craft circles.  And collage bits for Dragon eggs in June. (sequins, small pebbles, shells, etc)


The Spring Brochure is out! See the programs we’re offering in the Spring semester.  Are you interested in becoming a Mystic Grove teacher? Hosting a craft circle? Email us 


Questions or more info?  Please email us at

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