May News

beltane 2018 main atlarThanks to those who attended Beltane on May 5.  Pictures are posted online.

Thanks also to those who came to the May 6th monthly meeting. Here’s the notes if you missed it.

This month’s photo is by P. Burdette of the main altar close up.  (Email or Facebook message if you’d like to submit one of your photos for the newsletter.)


The calendar has been updated again.  The May 12 session of “Circle of Song” is canceled due to illness.  We will take a break for the summer and see about bringing it back in the Fall.

The Odyssey four part series starts on Thursday  starts May 10.

Walking the Labyrinth continues on May 24.

Sometime in July is the annual “teacher meeting” at Fashion Square Panera for brunch and to map out the 2018-2019 list of ideas for classes and craft circles. Are you a teacher who feels called to contribute this year? A guest who wants to see how that works? Watch this space and come to the planning meeting!


The annual report was submitted to First Unitarian for the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 20th. Copies available to registered Members and Friends at the Yahoo! group file area.  Go to

Files > Grove Organizational Docs > 2018 Agendas, Minutes, Annual Reports

and you will see it there.

Are you thinking about becoming a Member or Friend? You can learn about the path to membership here.  The annual membership window is coming up in August-September.

(If you are a 1U member looking for the materials for the May 20 Congregational meeting, they are posted here. )


Our next solar ritual is Summer Solstice Morning Service on Sunday June 24, 2018.  It will be held at 11 AM in the Sanctuary.  The general theme revolves around “reigniting the spark” in your spiritual practices.   There are many opportunities to volunteer on this one.

Do you want to be a read a short passage at the pulpit or help ring in a direction? Let us know.

Do you want to contribute to the slide show and share pictures of your home altar, your spiritual practices, your pagan artwork and crafts, attending pagan events elsewhere?

You can either respond to the “Submit Photos for Midsummer Slide Show” Facebook Event and leave your photo in a comment or email your submission to with “For the Midsummer Slides” in the subject line.

Do you want to display your items on the community altar?  You can email that you want to place your item on the community altar and will be bringing it to the June 3rd monthly meeting or on the day.  (Ahead of time preferred so we have enough table space planned.)


The Jan – June block of Moon Circle is CLOSED, but registration for the new July – Dec block will open July 1. We will continue our study of various deities and esbat celebrations.


This month on Friday May 18, we learn to make silhouette light boxes.

Plan ahead:  June 15th, we make God’s eyes.  We will take sticks and yarn for this craft if you want to bring it by any other craft circle or monthly meeting.


Come join us each month on 3rd Sundays for movie night fun. It’s BYO dinner, watch, and discuss! This month we watch Something Wicked This Way Comes (PG)

Based on the Ray Bradbury novel. See what happens in a small American town when a diabolical circus and its demonic proprietor prey on the townsfolk…

Next month, we screen… TBD! Email us if you have a suggestion that you want to bring in. We keep an idea list so even if your suggestion doesn’t make it this month, it might later on!


Mystic Grove is co-hosting Pagan Pride 2018 on Sept 29th at the First Unitarian Church of Orlando! If you want to help out contact either Orlando Pagan Collective or  The next planning meeting is on May 20  from 12 PM – 2 PM over at Smashburger (3162 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803).


Mystic Grove was given several collections of pagan interest books from folks who are moving away and from a dear member, Mary Ellen Mayo, who passed away.  We will be having a book table at Pagan Pride.  If you have books you have outgrown, considering donating them at any Craft Circle on 1st or 3rd Fridays or at the monthly meeting on 1st Sundays. If you cannot make it at one of these points, call the First Unitarian front office and see if you can bring them by at during business hours. (407) 898-3621.

We will be accepting them all summer.


Mystic Grove is taking a field trip to visit Guang Ming Temple in July. Founded in 1992, Guang Ming Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Central Florida. In Mandarin Chinese, “Guang-Ming” means “bright light.”

Are you interested in coming along with us? Plan to come to the June 3 monthly meeting to vote on the best Sunday to go meet up. It will either be July 8 or July 22. We plan to do the 11 AM Tour, and stay for the 12:30 PM Vegetarian Lunch.

If you cannot make it with the Mystic Grove, you can attend one of their other Sunday tours. 


Mystic Grove aligns its business year with the First Unitarian business year.  Summer on our “Typical Calendar” is the time for doing all of the “winding it down/cranking it back up” work of our group.  While you can see the details on the PDF, the big summer highlights are


  • We already started talking about who feels called to serve as an officer at the monthly meeting.  Is this you? Email the chair at You must already be a voting member to hold office.


  • Midsummer Service
  • Renew our CUUPS chapter membership.  You can also be an individual member of CUUPS.
  • Start getting ready for the officers to change smoothly.


  • Officer Elections.
  • Annual Teacher Meeting to plan out 2018-2019 offerings
  • Start preparing PR materials and membership drive materials.


  • Classroom Clean Up
  • Annual Member Dinner to welcome back old members/greet new ones


Because sometimes we have to save up money to get to go… looking way ahead to October.


The next 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting is June 3 at 12:30 PM in Room 1. This is a great way to get to know us and how we work. Guests welcome to attend.

Here we discuss how the past ritual went, plan for next ritual, classes, craft circles, and more. Lunch at a nearby restaurant follows for those wanting to enjoy fellowship after the meeting.


Questions or more info?  Please email us at

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