Beltane Jobs


Beltane 2018 is coming up soon!

We have our Green Man and Flower woman and will be celebrating their “wedding” and dancing around the maypole.

Ritual is 7 – 8 PM. Potluck is 8 – 9 PM. We try to be out and done by 9:30 PM. Many hands make light work! 🙂

Would you like to volunteer with Mystic Grove? “On the Day” volunteer jobs are simple. You can come at 7 PM on May 4 and/or on May 5 at 6 PM for orientation/reherasal and get your job explained to you.

Here are the jobs that are open. Email interested.


Come early to do whatever set up is needed on the day. Mostly arranging tables and chairs. Assist the Maypole captain as directed. Sneakers or similar shoes encouraged.


Welcome guests, give them an Order of Service, point people to potluck table with their dishes. At ritual time, do the roll-on ritual oils provided — plain line and scented line. Dress is casual — Beltane colors encouraged. Help clean up the Greeter area at the end.


You will have printed words for you.

Team 1:

–East/yellow person
–South/ Red person

Team 2:
— West/blue person
— North/green person

Dress is casual. You can wear your element color if you like. You are doing the corners in ritual and also serving cake and ale with your partner. Help clean up the corner tables at the end.


Help set up food tables on the glass wall side. Help receive guest food and help them label their dishes. Supervise food clean up/left over ziploc-ing.


Stay later to help clean up on the day — put away tables and chairs, wash dishes, pack leftovers, etc. Sneakers or similar shoes encouraged. If you have work aprons for the kitchen — bring them! 🙂

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