Moon Circle: Oya (Feb 2018)

For those taking the Moon Circle class in person, or wanting to follow along from home, here are this month’s links.


Homework is “pick your level.”

Questions:Oya – Change, and Starting Over
 1) How do we develop a relationship with change that allows for graceful acceptance, while giving us room to explore our feelings?

How do we craft a rooted yet flexible approach to life that invites change in without risking our integrity?

2) Tell a brief story about a significant change at any point in your life that was completely unexpected. How did it affect or change your life?  Did you welcome or resist the change? 

Was there a message or lesson in the experience that nourished you spiritually?

Were you surprised at how you handled it?

3) Tell a brief story about a significant change in your life that you purposefully created. What did you lose and what did you gain in the process? Did the change bring you the gifts and challenges you hoped for? 

4) Do you usually embrace change or avoid it? 

It is possible to be “addicted” to change, to the adrenalin rush of leaving frustrations behind and stepping out into the unknown?

Is it possible to call something “security” when really it’s being in a rut?

How do you balance the spiritual and practical rewards or change with the risks of change?

5) Ask yourself — “Where have I become too complacent? Have my routines gone past “comfortable” and into a rut?

How does fear of the unknown stifle my personal growth?”

6) What would you like Oya to destroy and then transform and rebuild in your life?

Small Read your two other deity sheets.

Medium: All the above PLUS

  • Try one charm from either deity sheet.
Large: All the above PLUS

DIY Mix and match your own combo from above and/or select another working that interests you related to this month’s theme.


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