New Labyrinth

New Labyrinth at First Unitarian Available to the Community

A beautiful new labyrinth has been installed at First Unitarian Church of Orlando and is available as a community resource. The labyrinths is the center piece of the campus as it is renovated to best equip the congregation to best serve the community. Labyrinth are an ancient spiritual tool that engages one in a slow walking meditation inviting deep reflection. The labyrinth is particularly special as some of its cost was covered by donations to the congregation after the Pulse tragedy and by community groups that use campus space. It is truly of and for the community.


“Upon entering a labyrinth one embarks on a journey, a journey to the inner regions of one’s being. There is no other place to go, only the center, and yet, the journey is not a straight line. The journey has twists and turns. If we are to get to the heart of things, we must take the journey.”

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