Mabon Retreat 2018

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Mabon Personal Day Retreat

Sept 22, 2019
9:30 AM – 6 PM

September brings us Mabon and the Fall Equinox! This is the time of year when night and day are in perfect balance. The last of the crops are being gathered from the fields and stored for winter. It is also the time to prepare hearth and home for the coming months ahead.

Join us at a day retreat designed to help you prepare in mind, body, heart, and spirit to harvest insights from the year before and prepare for to meet the challenges ahead in the coming year. Restore your personal balance with just the right amount of dreaming, thinking, giving, creating and playing among friendly Pagan and Earth- centered folk!

Childcare is not available. Families with young children are welcome to come at the 
 4 PM door time for snacks, tree painting, and party games so the day doesn’t get too long or arduous for little ones.

Workshop limited to 40 participants.  Please download the event brochure for retreat schedule and more details.

Day Retreat Cost

    • $25 – You + $10 contribution to scholarship fund
    • $15 – Just you
    • $10 – You + a potluck dish for dinner
    • $0 – While space allows, nobody will beturned away for lack of funds

Weekend Activities

The weekend offers several activities that you might enjoy. Come for it all or just the parts you like best. The only part that requires advance registration and tuition is the Saturday Day Retreat.

Date Time What and Room
Thurs, Sept 20 7 PM – 8 PM Mindfulness Meditation

“The Studio” in the education building.

Fri, Sept 21 7 PM – 8:30 PM Cordial Making and Tasting

$5 donation welcome to help replenish supplies.

“Assembly Room” in the education building.

Fri, Sept 21 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM MG Night Church

“Assembly Room” in the education building.

Sat, Sept 22 9:30 AM – 6 PM

with “Family Door” at 4 PM

Mabon Personal Day Retreat in Gore Hall.

Registration required. Workshop limited to 40 guests.

Tuition is sliding scale from $0-$25.

Sat, Sept 22 6:45 PM Doors open

7 PM Ritual

8 PM Potluck Dinner

Mabon Ritual in Gore Hall. All welcome!

Day Retreat Schedule

Time Activities
9:30 AM Welcome
10 AM Opening Ritual + Life Priority Wheels
11 AM Dream Boards 1 Break Out

Classroom A:

  • MG Mission Board
  • MG Member Board

Classroom B:

  • Help with 1U Profile Contact updating
12 PM Catered Lunch from Sweet Tomatoes
1 PM Making Mabon Jewelry.
2 PM Dream Boards 2 Break Out

Classroom A

  • Wheel of the Year Worship Board
  • 20th and 25th Anniversary Board

Classroom B and Foyer

  • Help with Smartphone Contact Updating
  • Pagan Picture Corner
3 PM Spiritual Partnerships / Deep Connection
4 PM

Family Friendly” door.

Afternoon Snacks and Acrylic Tree Painting

So the day is not too long or arduous for families with little ones, this is the “family friendly door.”

5 PM Topsy Turvy Ritual – Party Game Centers
6 PM Retreat Participant Break.

You can go home to shower and come back for ritual.

Stay in Gore Hall

  • Enjoy a black bean soup and bread mini meal
  • Do a 35 min Tai Chi DVD workout
  • Just plain rest!
6:45 PM Doors open to general public
7 PM Mabon Ritual.
8 PM Potluck Dinner. 9 PM Clean Up.

Mabon Ritual Charities

Every Mabon we do a food drive along with the public ritual and have a food altar.

This year our charities are Second Harvest Food Bank and Bandit Buddies, the pet branch of Hands for the Goddess. Please bring an item for the altar and for sharing with charities afterward.


  • Canned fruit (in its own juice, dried fruit, 100% fruit juice) and canned vegetables (reduced salt/no salt varieties), 100% vegetable juice, spaghetti sauce.
  • Rice, pasta, crackers (whole-grain varieties), ready-to-eat cereal (low sugar/ high-fiber), oatmeal
  • Canned meat/poultry, canned tuna/salmon (packed in water), canned/dry beans & peas (low/no salt varieties), peanut butter
  • Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, soy milk
  • Beef stew, canned soup (reduced sodium varieties), chili, other canned meals
  • Powdered infant milk or soy based formulas (WIC-approved preferred). Baby cereal, single ingredient baby food
  • Canned beans such as black, red, pink, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, pigeon peas, garbanzos
  • Dry or canned pet food, pet collars, pet leashes of varied sizes.

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