CUUPs Summer Solstice Service

The CUUPs Summer Solstice Service for Virtual General Assembly June 24- June 28, 2020 was in the “one demand” library.  Now that it is over, CUUPs has archived it on their YouTube.

Mystic Grove appears in the chapter highlight reel and portion of the First Unitarian Church of Orlando labyrinth and sanctuary art also appear.

2020 Mystic Grove Midsummer Service

Did you miss the 2020 Summer Solstice service by Mystic Grove? You can catch it online at both First Unitarian Church of Orlando Facebook Videos.

To catch the songs only you can jump ahead to these approximate points in the sermon.

(1:45) Bourrée I of Bach’s Third Cello Suite

(11:50) STJ #1067 Mother Earth, Beloved Garden

(23:40) “Firebird’s Child” by SJ Tucker

(33:50) Earth My Body Chant 1

(39:03) Earth My Body Chant 2

(44:48) The Braes of Balquidder

(48:52) STLT #387 Earth Water Fire Air

(54:17) “Enter the Center” by Abbi Spinner McBride


and at First Unitarian Church of Orlando YouTube.